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THE LONG WAIT IS OVER. BE A HUMAN RAINBOW AFTER THE RUN. THIS FEBRUARY 23, 2014 will be the first COLOR RUN in CDO. Registration starts tomorrow at the XU Magis Walkway, Kiosko Kagawasan and La Cabana Spa. We've made this Color Run more affordable for you. So invite your friends and run with us. Choose what Set would you like. 

Proceeds for this Run will be for the benefit of the Yolanda Victims and the Community projects of Habitat for Humanity. 

Register na. Nalingaw paka, nakatabang paka

You can register to any Circle K Production partner outlets!
You can register to any Circle K production partner outlets!
The new party venue in town. 

This is a good place to hold your team building activity or birthday parties. The place includes a 5ft deep pool, videoke machine with projector and a complimentary airconditioned room. 

The place is located at Zone 7, Barra Opol, Misamis Oriental, CdeO. What sets this venue apart from the others is that it offers an exclusive use of the place. Aside from the exclusivity, you don't need to worry of bringing plates and other utensils as they provide them for you. You can also use the kitchen if you need to cook something. 

The staff are very accommodating and helpful as well. Arnold was the guy who waited on us the whole time we were there. and showed us around the place.

This is a photo of the airconditioned room located at the second floor.

See map below for the location of the place. For bookings you can call Larry at 09174111588 / 09222774222
My first motivation for running is just to get fit and loose some baby fats. I've been playing badminton for atmost 4 years, and let me tell you, you won't slim down if you don't cut on the FOODS. Clearly its not working for me. I have to increase my playing time to burn more calories which i can't because I lack the time (being a new father and all the baby stuff to take care of). Or I can stop eating which is a difficult vice to get rid of. Hehe. And of course I can just introduce a new activity to burn additional calories and still have the time (run in the morning when baby is asleep hehe) for some baby stuff. So i thought, what about running? Its all the craze I've been hearing.

So i've started running. With the goal of loosing those baby fats. Last Dec 2012 I did some practice runs and started out with some light jogs. I log my runs using website and used their android app for tracking my pace, distance and time. After a month, I thought, these darn smartphones are just so heavy in the pocket that I decided to invest in a running watch. I've bought a Garmin FR10 and log my runs using the Garmin Connect site. 

I'm planning to post a review in the Garmin  FR10...hmmm..maybe..hehe. For now, I'm loving that I can use it for running and just an everyday watch.

Keep running...Next up, 5k Fun Run...

-----Crack3d_l3ns Running-----



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